What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial and essential feature of digital marketing. However, it is important to understand it to apply it most effectively. There are many aspects to SEO. However, here we will provide three characteristics of this process to define it:

1. Rankings and Clicks
2. Organic vs. Paid
3. Understanding Your Audience

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Rankings and Clicks

When you search for information using a search engine, such as Google, your eyes are often attracted to the first few results under the ads. The goal for SEO is for your website to be on the first page among the thousands of other results. However, you also want your website to receive lots of clicks (moz.com). In short, high rankings and lots of clicks on your site translate to more views on your page and attract customers to your business.

Better rankings and more clicks help you to:

  • Draw more traffic to your website
  • Stand out among competing businesses
  • Attract people who are looking for what your company has to offer

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Organic vs. Paid

There are two types of search results you find when using a search engine. The organic results are ones affected by SEO and that you do not have to pay for. These are the most ideal and receive the most clicks (moz.com). 

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Understanding Your Audience

It is crucial that you know what your audience wants. The key to finding this information is to know the phrases they might use and bring clear content that solves their problem. This data helps you to remain relevant to your audience (www.semrush.com).

SEO is the foundation for successful digital marketing. Using this process effectively enables you to reach the people who would be most interested in your product or service. Digital marketing is incomplete without it.

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