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Think of your website as a child. In order to grow your child (website), you need to take very good care of it (maintenance). You have to constantly take your child (website) to the doctor (web developer) and get a check up. You must also groom (optimize) your child (website). Basically to narrow it down, you want to make sure your website is running at it’s best health to prevent cyberattacks and downtime. Your website is a reflection of your business.

Site and Data Backup

There are a number of things that can cause your website to crash without warning such as cyber attacks, server errors, and network glitches. Backing up your website is highly important. 

Our team performs daily backups to:

  • prevent the loss of data or your website
  • minimize the loss of revenue
  • cut downtime loss during site rebuild or renovation

Database Optimization

Every website has a database that must be maintained and optimized for better performance. Your sites database contains all the important information you put in your website. 

Optimizing your database will: 

  • enhance your sites loading time
  • save you some space
  • improve data security

Check Landing Pages

If your website already has several landing pages that you advertise on social media or search engines such as Google or Bing, great! Don’t have any? Don’t worry! We can create them for you!

So if you already have landing pages, we will check for issues such as:

  • slowing down due to heavy traffic
  • new visitors not getting a clear idea of what you’re offering
  • glitches in your web server
  • the product or service you are selling is out of stock

Downtime Prep and Management

Downtime is a website owners worst nightmare. It is the period of time your website remains inactive or “down”. 

We will check your website for:

  • website hosting issues
  • cyberattacks
  • recent backup
  • possible errors on your end

AND, we will take preventative measures to cut out your downtime.

Check Site Load Time

One of the most critical parts of website management is checking the load time of your website. As time goes by, your site will be filled up with a lot of content. This will make your site create more requests to your server. Meaning it will take longer to load.

We check for:

  • too many plugins
  • heavy graphics
  • server performance
  • high traffic volume

Remove Redundant Elements

A lot of the times as our site grows it gets filled up with content we aren’t even using or maybe you got a bunch of duplicates. Either way we will remove the redundant elements slowing your site down.  All we have to do here is just clean any items we deem to be useless. With your permission of course. We promise to never delete any important content that you feel you should keep. Before we delete content we will send you links to each and every one of the elements to determine which should be kept or deleted. This can even be spammy comments.

By keeping your site clear of unwanted elements, you save a ton of space and loading time.

What is Website Management?

Website management is where an individual or team keeps a person or company’s website at optimal working condition by optimizing content, performing several maintenance techniques, health checks, and security checks.

Make sure your website is being taken care of to prevent the loss of your website. Your website is a valuable piece of intellectual collateral that represents your product or service.

Let the team here at Strive DMS take care of your child. To view what packages we offer, click here.

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