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Our Website Hosting Services

Having a good website host is crucial to running a website with almost no downtime. If you do not have a good host, your website will experience tons of issues. Chances are if you already have a host, that’s why your looking for a new one now. Maybe you just need a website for this new business you started. Whatever the reason you need a host, Strive DMS offers the most amazing deals complete with everything you need! 

2GB of Storage Space

Each website you host with Strive DMS gets 2GB of storage space. The average website uses less than a GB of storage space. This is more than enough space to add tons of content to make your website stand out! We recommend using medium to large (around 1500 – 2500px W&H) photo sizes to ensure space does not fill up quickly.

SSL Certificate

We provide a basic SSL certificate with your hosting free of charge, however we do offer outstanding upgrades (domain must be hosted with us to upgrade).

Having an SSL Certificate is critical to your websites security. If your website doesn’t display “HTTPS”, it is not secure and chances are you will lose traffic to your site.

Managed WordPress

Each website we build is done so on the WordPress platform. This platform is THE go to website builder that is super powerful and amazingly versatile no matter what your career or profession.

This builder has the opportunity to run many different functions such as forms, chat boxes, or shopping carts.

Matching Email Address

No website is complete without a matching email address. When you host with Strive DMS, we provide your first email address, free. For example if your domain name is, you can choose to get a matching email address of your choice. Maybe something like or whatever you want really.

Daily Backups

Our team backs up your website on a daily basis and we save up to 30 days worth of content in the event of any website crash or cyber attack. We also back up before any major changes that could impact your site.

If your website goes down, we can revert the website to the day before so you don’t lose anything.

Fast PHP

Speed is one of the pillars of our hosting services and wе’re constantly working on making our infrastructure faster and more reliable. One of the essentials for a fast loading speed is the PHP setup. Our team uses the new and better PHP setup – the UltraFast PHP that is up to 30% faster and super secure. However, we have the capabilities to switch back to the flexible standard PHP.

What is Website Hosting?

Website Hosting is the land your house (website) sits on. Without land you can’t build a house (website).

It is what allows your website to be in a “live” state. Without it, you will not be able to see your website nor will your customers. Every website must have a host for it to be published.

Luckily, Strive DMS has all the tools you need to run a successful website. Take a look at our packages here.

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Get more 5 star online reviews.

Get more 5 star online reviews.

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Automate your targeted email marketing.
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Engage with your website visitors through live chat.
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Custom designed lead funnels and lead magnets.
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Grow your business with a world-class CRM.
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Cutting edge SEO tracking and software.
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Additional website security and compliance.
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Sell branded merch directly from your website.
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Track and report on key website data.
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Integrate your website fully with targeted Facebook ads.
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PPC Google Ads, Gsuite email, and other Google products.
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Integrate online booking and scheduling to your website.