Understanding Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve done any research at all on building a website, you’ve likely come across the term a dozen times already. Search Engine Optimization—SEO—is crucial to website success because people use search engines to find virtually everything they need on the web. In this article we will discuss the three aspects of search engine optimization that will set your website on course for a good ranking among competitors.

Three goals of an SEO-centered website are:

·  More traffic

· Free traffic

· Authority and reputation in your field

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More Website Traffic

You will learn as you research how to make your site more SEO-concentrated that your website must contain the right type of content to give it the best possible visibility in search engine results. When you know your target audience, you can gear your web content toward drawing them in. How often do you go to the second page of a Google search? ‘Seldom’ is probably an accurate answer. We are all searching for a site that best suits our search. So, it behooves you to fill your site with rich content that is full of engaging keywords and links. (LYFEMarketing.com)

Free Website Traffic

Anytime you pay for an ad that draws in potential customers, you are spending your valuable resources. Knowing how to create an SEO-centered site is an effective way to get what is called “organic traffic.” That’s what free traffic is called. Organic traffic is the reward for good search engine optimization. When you type something into a search engine, the results are very finely curated through an algorithm. Some key factors include the user, website features, keyword usage, and links within the site. Filling your website with rich content filled with keywords is a great way to spruce up an old website that has a low ranking in search engines. Or if you’re starting a new website, start by knowing which content—key phrases and words—will best draw in readers. (Moz.com)


Authority and Reputation

Trust is a big part of creating an SEO-minded site. Customers do not want to enter their credit card number or other personal information into a site that seems poorly-run. Broken links, misspelled words, and outdated information are all red flags to customers. Aim for the type of reputation that search engines will be willing to promote. And being considered an authority in your field because of that reputation you have maintained over time will improve your ranking all the more. (searchengineland.com)

These three goals represent an excellent foundation for creating and preparing a website for success. Knowledge of your brand will flow out of every key phrase and word that fills your content. Those phrases will become synonymous with the values and integrity of your company. Strive Digital Marketing Services (Strivedms.com) offers a wealth of knowledge and a free SEO assessment for your site. Contact them today at 801-477-0642 to get started.

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