Understanding Keywords

Keywords are helpful in maintaining a good ranking in search engine reports. Including them as much as possible in your web content will allow your users to find your website if it suits their needs. But there is more to choosing keywords than using single words throughout your site to gain webpage visits. The type of traffic you want is organic, which can be defined by users searching for a keyword and then naturally entering your website and clicking buttons, watching videos, and using links.


There are three main characteristics that your keywords should possess. They should be:

  • Unique
  • Carefully Chosen
  • Grouped

Unique Keywords

The more you understand about your target audience, the better you will be able to tailor your keywords to suit their needs. The problem they need solved may be described a little bit differently by many different websites. So, start by researching how your desired users will word their needs. In this way you will be successful at reaching them and drawing them organically  into your website to have their needs met. (moz.com)

Unique Keywords

Carefully Chosen Keywords

Keywords should be closely adjusted to fit your:

  • Region
    • Consider what word choice the people in your desired region have. If they call rain boots “galoshes” or “wellies” you should know before you use those keywords to gain traffic.
  • Season
    • Obviously shopping increases during the holiday seasons. And maybe more running shoes are sold in the spring when people realize they want to go for a run in the newly warmer weather but their shoes need replacing. Taking the season and what people need during that time of year into account when choosing keywords is crucial to your search engine optimization.
  • Competitor
    • This one is less obvious but just as important as the ones that precede it. If your competitor is having excellent success with the keyword phrase “womens sneakers” then choose something slightly different that still suits your target user. “Ladies running shoes,” for example, may suit your requirements and drive organic traffic without you being squashed down to the second page of Google search results behind your competitors. (moz.com)

Grouped Keywords

Grouped Keywords

Don’t think of a keyword as a single word that will drive users to your page. Rather, think of a keyword as a group of words or a phrase that will take the specifically sought-out user where they want to go. Your website is where they want to go. If a user types “tea” into their search engine, it’s unclear what they want to know about tea. Are they asking how many varieties can be found at their local supermarket, or what are the health benefits, or best brewing practices? So changing the word “tea” to “tea recipe to treat sore throat” is absolutely going to change the type of results that pop up first on the page. (moz.com)

Keywords are a big part of the traffic coming to your site. Search engines play a huge role in who enters a website, so your careful attention to detail in choosing your keywords is paramount. Keywords that are tailor-made for your audience are a great start to reaching more people with your message, product, or service.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the details that go into planning a website. Get to know your audience and your target market.

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