Identifying your Keywords

Marketing is all about strategy. If you have a marketing strategy, on a smaller level you must consider your strategy for deriving content. One very important step is determining which keywords your target audience is searching for on Google. These keywords will give you insight into three things:

  • Relevant Topics

  • Research Words and Phrases

  • User Intent

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Your Relevant Topics

There are many categories that can fall under the umbrella of your topic. But what you want to do is take these narrowed topics and pare them down even more into relevant topics. Then you’ll have your keywords.These are the topics your goal users are searching on Google. And because your blog and other pages of your website are full of those shiny keywords, your website is going to have a better ranking on the search engine results page. How important are these keywords to your users? There is a tool to find out. Your search engine optimization tool of choice should absolutely tell you:

  1. The keywords being searched in high volumes

  2. Which keywords people are searching that lead them to your site

  3. User’s intent

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It’s not enough to brainstorm keywords and phrases. If you want a good ranking on the search engine results page–which you do–you need to go the extra mile by putting in the time and effort to think of any combination of words that could possibly be associated with your content and, thereby, drive organic traffic to your site. This can also be done by researching the “related searches” section of whatever search engine you’re using. This is a good way to jog your brain into thinking outside the box.

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Users’ Intentions

Understanding why your target audience is searching a particular keyword will impact which keywords you want to search. You cannot assume that users who search “dog training” are trying to learn how to train a dog. They could be an experienced dog trainer looking for work at a local obedience school. Or they could be looking for an obedience school for their naughty puppy. There are many ideas that fall under these phrases we search for. It’s not always black and white. Consider all of those options while you try to better understand how to choose your keywords for optimal search engine ranking. (

There’s more to understanding keywords than knowing your content and your users. That is only the first step. Determining your relevant content will aid you in selecting the best keywords and phrases to draw users to your site.

Spend time learning about your target audience and how to reach them. Learn how they search for a solution to their problem or need.

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