How to Write A Blog

Good blogs are essential. They are a very useful part of content marketing as well. Are you a beginner wondering how to write a blog post? Rachel Leist gives great tips on ( Here are three of those tips for writing a blog:

  • Identify Your Blog Type
  • Know Your Topic
  • Keep Your Blog Organized

Identify Your Blog Type

There are numerous types of blogs. These include the “how-to,” “What is,” and “Infographic” blog types just to name a few. Knowing the type of blog you want to write helps you save time. Additionally, some blog organization styles will more effectively convey what you want to communicate to your reader than others (

Know Your Topic

When writing your blog, you should know the topic. If you are a beginner this is not as easy as it seems. There are solutions. For instance, some websites can help you determine a topic ( Some of these ways include identifying a topic and then narrowing it, changing your audience, or changing the format ( 

Keep Your Blog Organized

Your blog should be presentable. Images should correspond to your writing, and there should be consistency in your blog style, for instance ( The presentation of your blog is like your business’ first impression.


These tips will help you create a blog. Eventually, you will become more accustomed to blogging as you publish more. Narrowing your blog type, knowing your topic, and keeping your blog organized will go a long way in helping you to produce blogs more quickly.


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