How Digital Marketing Helps Small Businesses Grow in 2021

How Digital Marketing Helps Small Businesses Grow in 2021

Digital marketing is necessary for small business growth. However, it is equally crucial for small businesses to adapt to the modern marketing world. Here are three ways digital marketing will help your small business grow in 2021:

  • Reach a Broader Audience
  • Connect with Your Audience
  • Business Legitimacy

Broader Audience

Globally, the internet has become as essential for modern life as eating. Thus, you will always have more customers online than if you only market locally ( Also, your small business needs to remain relevant to reach the most people ( However, because there are so many businesses online, there are three strategic ways you can make your small business stand out among others:

  • Leverage search engine optimization
  • Market on social media 
  • Maintain an informative blog (

Connect with Your Audience

Digital communication has significantly improved the connections businesses can make with their customers online. Conversational and video marketing are smart ways to avoid being left behind among your competitors ( Moreover, small businesses can maximize social media platforms by asking themselves questions about their companies and planning out their strategies. For instance, preliminary information to know before using social media is your target audience and what you will post (

Business Legitimacy

Now the legitimacy of a business is determined by whether they have an online presence. People commonly look up a business online before considering investing time and money into working with them ( You can capitalize on this behavior by investing in your brand so that people are more likely to work with you. Doing this results in leaving a great first impression for each customer who visits your site.

Make up for the disadvantages of having a small business by utilizing the digital world. This method enables you to reach and connect with your audience. Digital marketing is a great way to remain legitimate and impress customers in the process.

Spend time learning about your target audience and how to reach them. Learn how they search for a solution to their problem or need. Call Strive Digital Marketing Services at 801-477-0642. Let us set you up with a free SEO assessment. Visit our services page at to see how we can help you with your marketing needs!

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Top 6 Ways to Use Smart Social Media Marketing in 2021

Top 6 Ways to Use Smart Social Media Marketing in 2021

Social media, used strategically, will help your website traffic skyrocket. Although there are numerous ways to market this with social media, this article focuses on a few of the best. Three of the six strategies are the following:

Know the News 

Choose the Right Media

Use VR

1. Know the News

Although social media is usually popular, some companies like Facebook have lost favor over time because of censorship and privacy concerns. You will want to stay up-to-date on the fluctuations in popularity for the different platforms (

By knowing the news you can:

Avoid companies with decreased credibility

Understand consumer behavior

Build company leadership by staying in touch

2. Choose the Right Media

Social media platforms are useful for different types of business. For instance, LinkedIn is great if you want to attract people interested in business-to-business (B2B), while Pinterest works well for driving traffic to a blog ( Choosing the right media leads to better results and less wasted time.

3. Use VR

One specific type of modern technology you can use to market your business on social media is virtual reality (VR). This type of marketing allows customers to gain immersive experiences and is especially fun for people who have to quarantine during the pandemic ( People are attracted to trendy businesses, and VR adds to the trendiness of your business.

4. Go Live

Going live helps customers to see your company’s products or services in real-time. Some sources have found an increase in live streaming uptake ( This increase in popularity makes sense because people have been confined to their homes. Watching live videos is another form of interactive entertainment.

5. Build Relationships

Doing the work to invest in the customers leads to better reviews and a more trusted brand. Reviews from other customers were considered more believable to customers than company ads (

6. Support a Good Cause

Genuinely supporting a charitable organization will attract customers who value this effort. However, it is important to be transparent about who and how your business will support charity. This transparency gives customers confidence in your brand. Also, according to Smart Insights, “Merkle’s Q4 2020 Media Insights Report found that 56% of consumers say they have no respect for businesses that remain silent on important issues” (

Update your social media marketing with these tips. Utilizing these strategies will make your business stand out as trustworthy, dependable, and fun. Also, customers will enjoy interacting with a company that cares about more than making a profit.

Spend time connecting with your target audience and use digital marketing to reach them. Learn how they search for a solution to their problem or need. Call Strive Digital Marketing Services at 801-477-0642, and we can set you up with a free SEO assessment. Visit our services page at to see how we can help you with your marketing needs!

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How Digital Marketing Helps Your Business

How Digital Marketing Helps Your Business

Marketing is essential for growing your business. But spending too much money on marketing can drain your bank account before you even get your business off the ground. Analyzing your target audience and how to reach them efficiently can also be very time-consuming. And when you are running a business, time is a crucial asset. Digital marketing has become the most popular form of marketing because it is four things, above all:

1. Cost-Effective

a. No matter your budget, you have access to the internet. You can use email, social media, and your very own website for virtually $0 upfront. The more you learn, the more you may want to take a few online courses on how to reach a point where the social media algorithms will work in your favor to gain you more organic traffic to your site. But starting out, digital marketing can be simple to learn for free and relatively cheap to use. 

2. Offers Clear and Easy-to-Gauge Results

a. It’s not always easy to see how customers were drawn to your site without understanding how they came to seek out your service or product in the first place. That is where search engine optimization comes in. If you can hone your SEO skills to grow your reach to further target audiences, you can understand how to reach far beyond your local area. 

3. Offers Influence Marketing

a. Gone are the days where products and services were always endorsed by celebrities, athletes, or people who had previously held a powerful role in their community. Now, you can look at Instagram for just a few minutes and find a dozen influencers (normal people) who are marketing machines! They are paid to:

Post ads

Make product recommendations

Promote items or services they “use daily” in their life

Post links to buy products

Their accounts draw people to want to emulate their fashion, lifestyle, and overall look. This generates demand for whatever the influencer is selling or linking in their stories or on their associated app. 

4. Grows your Brand’s Prominence

a. It’s crucial for your brand to have a logo that becomes synonymous with your reputation. It identifies the trust that you have grown in your company with your customers and clients. Digital marketing is a valuable source for getting that logo seen by potentially millions of people.  (

There’s no denying the impact that digital marketing makes on our everyday lives. People are engrossed in their smartphones, emails have replaced written letters, and texting has replaced emails in many instances. The speed and convenience with which information travels in the digital realm are unparalleled in any past form of marketing, 

Take advantage of the velocity with which ideas and products can be shared between people worldwide in an instant. Don’t wait to start marketing your business to its full potential. Call Strive Digital Marketing Services at 801-477-0642 and visit us at to get your free SEO Optimization Assessment. 

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10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency in Utah

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency in Utah

Choosing a digital marketing agency is a daunting task. Any time you are planning to make a monetary investment in your business, it can feel like a gamble. 

  • Can you trust this company to do what they promise? 
  • Will your marketing agency appreciate your goals and help you reach them? 
  • Can you find one within Utah to meet all of your needs?

The list below will help you decide which digital marketing agency is right for your business.

1. Location-If you are located in Utah, then it is helpful to hire a digital marketing agency that is also based in Utah. That way you can arrange a face-to-face meeting with the team who will be putting in the hours to help build your business. Your partnership should be comfortable and easy-going. In-person meetings will allow you to determine their level of passion and understanding, both of which are vital to growing your business.

2. Experience-Learn as much as you can about how your agency was started. What type of marketing background do the founders of the agency have? You can learn a lot about a digital marketing agency when you submit a request for a proposal.  

3. Services-Make sure the digital marketing agency has an informative, easy-to-use website where they list their services. Do they offer a broad spectrum of services to fit your company as it grows? Also, be sure their packages fit within your budget.

Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency in Utah

4. Support-Consider what type of professional support accommodations you want from the team you hire. Check their website services page. Do they offer access to their online library of curriculum on topics of business, digital, and personal development? Strive DMS does! Don’t settle for a company that doesn’t want to help you stay informed on all things digital marketing-related. 

5. Your Marketing Needs-Before you even begin your search, assess your needs. Check agencies’ websites to find out if they offer a package that fits your requirements. This will help you see if they can offer services to aid you in achieving your business goals.

Digital Marketing Agency in Utah

6. Their Success-You’re hiring an agency with a good track record because you want someone you can trust to achieve your business goals. So, look for their achievements. Are there any customer testimonials on their webpage? Look for a list of clients they work with and research the websites of those companies. This can be a valuable endeavor that helps you determine if you like the work the agency is doing on their:

  • Website
  •  Blog
  • Social Media Management. 

7. Guarantees-Ask your marketing agency if they offer any guarantees of success in a particular timeline. You will also want to hear how they plan to measure their success and your return on investment. This will vary based on the market you’re in. So, be wary of any agency that offers the same results to all of their customers regardless of the market. 

8. Recommendations-If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or colleague with an excellent marketing agency, ask them for recommendations. You can also request customer referrals and feedback from your agency to gauge how well their clients are satisfied with their marketing services.

the agency you are hoping to hire

9. Audit/Assessment-Request an assessment from the agency you are hoping to hire. This is an excellent step when you’re close to making your decision and want to allow an agency the opportunity to prove what they’re capable of. It can be an excellent tool for testing their attention to detail. 

10. Ask Questions: Prepare a list of questions to ask the agency, such as:

  • What are your goals for my business?
  • Do you have any examples of campaign strategies?
  • What’s the typical length of your client relationship? 

( (

Digital marketing is vital to the growth of your business. That means finding an excellent digital marketing agency is crucial to the success of your company. 

Put your trust in the best digital marketing agency in Utah. Visit our services page to see what packages we offer at You can also call us and book your free SEO assessment at 801-477-0642.

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