Benefits of Having a Blog

Benefits of Having a Blog

Building trust in your brand is the biggest hurdle many new business owners will face. And the simplest way to build up that trust is to get as much information about your company out there as possible. Blogging is an excellent way to achieve that! Consumers like to do their research before spending time and money on a product or service. So having a blog on your website gives them a window into just who you are as a brand and how they can trust you to serve their needs. Below are the ways that blogging benefits your website:

– More Web Traffic
– Cost-effective Marketing
– Increase Likelihood of Online Purchasing


benefits of having a blog

Benefits of Increased Web Traffic


Web traffic is the best way to understand the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Is your website attractive to users? You can understand more about how well-liked and easy-to-use your site is by understanding your web traffic in six key categories:

1. New/Returning Users
2. Sessions-This measures the length of time someone is actively using your site.
3. Average Visit Length- The higher the better!
4. Page Views
5. Visits
6. Bounce Rate – The number of times a user goes from one page to the next and back again without interacting with any part of the pages.


Customers are more likely to bring you their repeat business if they feel at ease with your brand. A website brings an increased level of familiarity which allows users to trust your brand.


Benefits of Increased Web Traffic

Benefits of Cost-Effective Marketing

Blogging for your business is cheap (or free if you choose to do it yourself) and attracts customers. In an age where information is ready at our fingertips 24/7, the goal is to get information out there for your benefit. Your site is much more likely to pop up in a search engine result page if it has a blog. That is a simple fact.

Blogs are also an excellent way to connect with customers and build a rapport with them. Allowing visitors to your site to follow your blog gives them access to your real-time information and thoughts. And if they find a blog that speaks specifically to a problem they need a solution for, they are likely to share it on their social media page.


Benefits of Cost-Effective Marketing

Benefits of Online Purchasing

The obvious benefit of online purchasing is money, right? Not so fast. The ability to purchase items alone will increase your standing in the search engine results. That blog you started may have drawn the customer in, but the opportunity to purchase the item or service they have been researching is what will cause them to come back as they continue their search and comparison from other sites. (

Blogging is essential to your business because it draws customers in. That’s what marketing is all about, after all. And when people see your website, they can become familiar with your brand and come to trust it. The cost-effective side of it is a huge plus. Your website absolutely needs a blog to succeed!

Add a blog to your website as soon as possible. If writing is not your strong suit, hire a freelancer once you have decided what you are able to afford. If you think there isn’t enough content relating to your product or service, think again and call “801-477-0642” for inspiration!

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Benefits of Having a Website

Benefits of Having a Website

If you’re hoping to see your business thrive, creating an online presence for your brand is crucial. The internet is how we search for services, goods, and entertainment. We get our directions, recommendations, and even new friendships online. There’s almost nothing we can’t find online. So, why shouldn’t people find your business there too? Having a website offers your customers and users three important things:

1. Convenience

2. Cost-effective Marketing

3. Sales Opportunity

Benefits of Having a Website


Unlike a brick-and-mortar, your online store never has to close. If your customers have a question or want to know about your service or inventory long after you’ve closed for the day, your website is always there. You can put as much information out there into the world as you want. You can include:

– Helpful Links
– Videos
– Testimonials
– A Blog

Customers are more likely to bring you their repeat business if they feel at ease with your brand. A website brings an increased level of familiarity which allows users to trust your brand.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Cost-Effective Marketing

Building a website is very affordable and getting your brand online is a great way to get exposure to multiple types of users with different geographical backgrounds, hobbies, and interests. Exposure to your brand brings opportunities for people to read about it and see customer testimonials. This builds trust in the brand, as does having a professional webpage. A professional website is not:

– Poorly Managed
– Outdated
– Riddled with Typos

An unprofessional website tells potential clients that your business is run poorly. All of this circles back to your marketing strategy. Consider your website the stage upon which your marketing plan makes its most important debut.

Sales Opportunity

Sales Opportunity

Part of the convenience of your website is that it offers a better opportunity for people to make purchases. This is especially true if you have built your website to attract a particular audience. You will have a much better shot at making sales through your website if you have used it to reach your target audience. Purchases can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and any day of the year through your website. While your customers are in a physical location, they can find better prices on YOUR site. You give power to the people who visit your site to make informed purchases. When customers make informed purchases they:

– Do Their Research–Hunting for bargains on other sites.
– Delay Purchasing–This is in hopes of finding a better price.
– Find Websites That Offer Competitive Pricing


The benefits of having a website far outweigh the cost. With a billion people surfing the internet daily, there is no limit to how many people you can reach with your brand, service, or product. The opportunity to take your business to new heights lies at your fingertips!

There is no time like the present to give your business the boost it needs. A website is an excellent way to show the world what you have to offer. Here at Strive DMS, we have the tools to turn your website vision into a reality.

Let us get you started in the right direction today. Let us get your business the digital exposure it deserves!

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Brand Tips

Finding the Right Marketing Agency for You

Finding the Right Marketing Agency for you

Finding the best marketing agency is crucial for your company’s image. However, it is equally important to choose the one which works best for you. There are three ways to find the best marketing agency in Utah:

  • Know What You Need
  • Investigate Marketing Options
  • Determine the best choice in Utah 

Investigate Your Options

Weighing your options is not easy. You can think of your investigation as a job hiring process. You will want to see how different agencies market themselves, see if they are qualified, and see their specializations. Choose the agency that is best at solving your problem, and not necessarily the one that appears first on Google ( 

Determining the Best Agency In Utah

The best agency for each person differs because of his or her particular marketing needs. However, there are practical steps anyone can take. First, determine the marketing agencies near you. Decide how far you are willing or not willing to travel to speak with a market representative or CEO. Some websites offer marketing information without too much bias ( You would want to avoid websites that list top marketing agencies but which are marketing companies themselves. They could try to attract you to their agencies without providing objective rankings along with other issues ( Narrow your search based upon your brand’s priorities and evaluate agencies’ abilities. Choose the agency which best serves you.
Searching for the best agency is no easy task, but the work is well worth it. This three-step process equips you to help the agency serve you in the best ways and helps your business long-term. Your brand will improve more efficiently when you follow these methods.

Spend time learning about your business and its marketing weaknesses. Call Strive Digital Marketing Services and  Let us set you up with a free SEO assessment. 


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Brand Tips

Success Tips for Generating Traffic

Success Tips for Generating Traffic

Have A Clear and Realistic Growth Plan

You will want a straightforward and achievable plan for attracting viewers to your website. A good plan of action helps you more efficiently reach your goals, particularly when you want to generate more website traffic ( There are three aspects to this plan which can accelerate your site’s traffic growth.

  • Outline your top three goals
  • Understand your target audience
  • Remain consistent

traffic growth

Your Top Three Goals

There are numerous ways to generate website traffic, but it is best to focus on a few goals at a time. For example, your three goals could be to have more social media links, a more responsive website, and more marketing emails ( Start with the least challenging goals to avoid giving yourself unnecessary frustration. Then, once you have reached your goal, you can choose three more. Trying to generate more traffic for all of these concerns at once might overwhelm you. However, if you concentrate on the top three that burden you the least, you will see improvements more quickly.

improvements in web traffic

Understand Your Target Audience

Writing to the appropriate target audience is crucial, and this clientele is defined as “a specific group of consumers that will be the most receptive to your products, services, and promotions” ( For instance, if you searched for information about a specific cat breed on Google, you would not want to find a list of websites about dogs on the first page of results. You reduce frustration for yourself and the customers if you promote your website to the right people.

Remain Consistent

The key to keeping your audience around is by establishing trust. Your website viewers might like your site content and its improvements, but if your posts do not consistently have high quality and developments, the confidence in your brand erodes. This strategy is important because consistency helps you “ reap the benefits of content marketing…” ( If you produce quality content on a consistent basis, viewers will trust your brand and see your product or service as more reliable. This strategy will help you retain your most loyal customers and result in more referrals to your site.

high quality

Identifying your top three areas of focus, understanding your target audience, and remaining consistent in your implementation of website improvements will markedly improve your website traffic. These methods will attract and retain your customers.

Spend time learning about your target audience and how to reach them. Learn how they search for a solution to their problem or need. Visit our website to see how we can help you with your marketing needs!

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