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Understanding Keywords

Understanding Keywords

Keywords are helpful in maintaining a good ranking in search engine reports. Including them as much as possible in your web content will allow your users to find your website if it suits their needs. But there is more to choosing keywords than using single words throughout your site to gain webpage visits. The type of traffic you want is organic, which can be defined by users searching for a keyword and then naturally entering your website and clicking buttons, watching videos, and using links.


There are three main characteristics that your keywords should possess. They should be:

  • Unique
  • Carefully Chosen
  • Grouped

Unique Keywords

The more you understand about your target audience, the better you will be able to tailor your keywords to suit their needs. The problem they need solved may be described a little bit differently by many different websites. So, start by researching how your desired users will word their needs. In this way you will be successful at reaching them and drawing them organically  into your website to have their needs met. (

Unique Keywords

Carefully Chosen Keywords

Keywords should be closely adjusted to fit your:

  • Region
    • Consider what word choice the people in your desired region have. If they call rain boots “galoshes” or “wellies” you should know before you use those keywords to gain traffic.
  • Season
    • Obviously shopping increases during the holiday seasons. And maybe more running shoes are sold in the spring when people realize they want to go for a run in the newly warmer weather but their shoes need replacing. Taking the season and what people need during that time of year into account when choosing keywords is crucial to your search engine optimization.
  • Competitor
    • This one is less obvious but just as important as the ones that precede it. If your competitor is having excellent success with the keyword phrase “womens sneakers” then choose something slightly different that still suits your target user. “Ladies running shoes,” for example, may suit your requirements and drive organic traffic without you being squashed down to the second page of Google search results behind your competitors. (

Grouped Keywords

Grouped Keywords

Don’t think of a keyword as a single word that will drive users to your page. Rather, think of a keyword as a group of words or a phrase that will take the specifically sought-out user where they want to go. Your website is where they want to go. If a user types “tea” into their search engine, it’s unclear what they want to know about tea. Are they asking how many varieties can be found at their local supermarket, or what are the health benefits, or best brewing practices? So changing the word “tea” to “tea recipe to treat sore throat” is absolutely going to change the type of results that pop up first on the page. (

Keywords are a big part of the traffic coming to your site. Search engines play a huge role in who enters a website, so your careful attention to detail in choosing your keywords is paramount. Keywords that are tailor-made for your audience are a great start to reaching more people with your message, product, or service.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the details that go into planning a website. Get to know your audience and your target market.

Reach out to us at Strive Direct Marketing Services for your free SEO Assessment. You can also visit the services page of our website to get started on making your website the best it can be!

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Brand Tips

Why Strive DMS offers the Best Digital Marketing Services in Utah?

Why Strive DMS offers the Best Digital Marketing Services in Utah?

Utah businesses are seeking growth through acceleration in the competitive digital marketing marketplace. There are unlimited benefits to having an online presence to boost your brand.

There is one digital marketing company that stands above the rest. Strive Digital Marketing Services wants to provide you with every possible level of exposure that you could possibly need. Here are three things that set us above the rest:

1. Our Packages: We have a basic SEO package that offers more than any other basic SEO package on the market.

2. Our 360 approach: We guarantee excellent results through our exposure tactics for ALL aspects of your business.

3. Our Free SEO Assessment: We want to be there with you every step of the way. Start with our free assessment!

Strive Digital Marketing Services

Our Packages

Our packages are categorized by price according to the number of services you desire.

Bronze – This is the greatest value you’ll find. Search engine optimization, two monthly blogs, managing creative content, and social media management are included!

Silver – Everything included in the Bronze package is here, plus some fantastic extras! Need a website built or managed? Look no further! Silver package also provides more extensive search engine management including 4 blogs.

Gold – Gold adds outbound marketing blogs and competition research on top of the services in Silver.

Platinum – This is our strongest package for your digital marketing campaign needs:
○ Increase blog frequency-12x monthly
○ Increase social media posts-12x monthly
○ Email/newsletter campaign-1x monthly

These packages create a broad spectrum of services and expert marketing campaigns. If you want a service we haven’t listed in the package you chose, feel free to contact us. We want to make sure you get expert-level service that is tailored to your needs!


Our 360 Approach

Strive DMS takes a unique approach to market your business’ marketing needs. We assess every aspect of your brand. We implement a plan to bring exposure to each facet of your business. Our strategy leaves no stone unturned. To ensure the best possible exposure, we use:

● Social media
● Blogs
● Emails
● Newsletters
● Search engine optimization

And we report to you every step of the way!

marketing strategy

Our Free SEO Assessment

We believe offering a free assessment will help you understand how Strive DMS can make a positive impact as your media marketing service. It also helps us make a plan for your business if you choose to hire us. The free SEO assessment is our chance to inspire you to dream about what your brand can be. Growing Utah businesses to their full potential is our passion. This will be done by creating your business reputation, rather than reacting to what users say about your brand.(

We at Strive DMS are proud to help Utah business owners build successful companies. We want to help your clients see the best aspects of your products and/or services.

Contact us today at 801-477-0642 or visit our services page at Let us get your business seen by your prospective clients. We’ll work with you to reach all of your digital media goals!

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Brand Tips

Three Items For Your Branding Checklist

Three Items For Your Branding Checklist

Starting a business is a culmination of passion, invention, necessity, and a million tiny decisions. If you can support your lifestyle while doing something you love, that is a dream that most people never achieve. But there is a difference between starting a business and running a successful business. The branding Checklist has 3 parts:

  • Stick to Your Guarantee

  • Use an Eye-catching Logo

  • Own Your Voice

an eye catching logo like Apple MacBook

In this article, we will discuss a crucial aspect of business that bridges the gap between dreaming it and making it a reality:

1. Your Guarantee

The most important thing to understand about branding is that you are making a pledge to your customer. This is, in essence, your brand strategy. The brand says everything about what people can expect from you. This means you must stay true to your brand from the start.

Consistency in the brand transfers to trust. And the more your customers trust you, the more familiar they become. Familiarity leads to brand loyalty. When you choose your niche market, you focus on them. Your brand tells customers that you will work to be exactly what they’re looking for. (

2. Your Logo

Don’t just Create a logo—USE IT! The more your customers see it, the better. On a related note, the Color scheme of everything you put out—emails, signs, mailers, web Content—should compliment your logo and be 100% consistent. Your brand marketing strategy depends on your proper use of recognizable patterns associated with your brand. (

3. Your Voice

If your product is going to be marketed as affordable or a basic essential, then you may want a congenial, conversational vibe in your language. You may want to be informal and personable with your marketing. This includes how you word web content, how phone calls, and even how emails are worded. Everything you do should have that same voice.

If you want to market a brand that is considered a splurge, expensive, a luxury, or exclusive, consider adopting a voice that is formal and an elevated word choice. Your brand will be presented as consistent and professional.

brand marketing strategy

Your brand is your reputation. You should be meticulous with every aspect of planning how you hope it will be received by the public. Have these things clear when launching your brand:

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Identity

These points will be the foundation of your brand’s success. (

Your brand’s guarantee, logo, and voice set the tone for how customers will recognize and build trust in your brand. Your chances for success increase exponentially when you employ the help of these strategies.


Live your dream of creating and growing your brand sooner rather than later. Every tool you need is available to start the process today. Visit to see how you can get started growing or call us at 801-477-0642 to get help with the specifics of your branding checklist!

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Marketing 101

Identifying your Keywords

Identifying your Keywords

Marketing is all about strategy. If you have a marketing strategy, on a smaller level you must consider your strategy for deriving content. One very important step is determining which keywords your target audience is searching for on Google. These keywords will give you insight into three things:

  • Relevant Topics

  • Research Words and Phrases

  • User Intent

search engine optimization

Your Relevant Topics

There are many categories that can fall under the umbrella of your topic. But what you want to do is take these narrowed topics and pare them down even more into relevant topics. Then you’ll have your keywords.These are the topics your goal users are searching on Google. And because your blog and other pages of your website are full of those shiny keywords, your website is going to have a better ranking on the search engine results page. How important are these keywords to your users? There is a tool to find out. Your search engine optimization tool of choice should absolutely tell you:

  1. The keywords being searched in high volumes

  2. Which keywords people are searching that lead them to your site

  3. User’s intent

search engine optimization and google


It’s not enough to brainstorm keywords and phrases. If you want a good ranking on the search engine results page–which you do–you need to go the extra mile by putting in the time and effort to think of any combination of words that could possibly be associated with your content and, thereby, drive organic traffic to your site. This can also be done by researching the “related searches” section of whatever search engine you’re using. This is a good way to jog your brain into thinking outside the box.

google search

Users’ Intentions

Understanding why your target audience is searching a particular keyword will impact which keywords you want to search. You cannot assume that users who search “dog training” are trying to learn how to train a dog. They could be an experienced dog trainer looking for work at a local obedience school. Or they could be looking for an obedience school for their naughty puppy. There are many ideas that fall under these phrases we search for. It’s not always black and white. Consider all of those options while you try to better understand how to choose your keywords for optimal search engine ranking. (

There’s more to understanding keywords than knowing your content and your users. That is only the first step. Determining your relevant content will aid you in selecting the best keywords and phrases to draw users to your site.

Spend time learning about your target audience and how to reach them. Learn how they search for a solution to their problem or need.

Call Strive Digital Marketing Services at 801-477-0642. Let us set you up with a Free SEO assessment.

Visit our services page at Our Services to see how we can help you with your marketing needs!

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