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What is Google Analytics?

What is Google Analytics?

Creating a website is a lot of hard work. The amount of thought and planning that goes into every detail can take years to perfect. But the work is not done when the last piece of the design is in place and your site goes live online. You must always monitor the traffic on your site. And that is where Google Analytics – a free tool – comes to aid. It can help in many ways by:

  • Tracking your digital marketing effectiveness
  • Organizing information from your website pertaining to visits and clicks 
  • Showing how best to analyze your web traffic

what is google analytics

Google Analytics Teaches

Not only does Google Analytics tell you how many visitors you had to your website, it teaches you how to use that number. The mere knowledge of the total visits does not, in itself, help you reach your core audience. Using the information on each user, such as age and location, can help greatly as you grow your marketing strategy to target a specific demographic.

Google Analytics shows you crucial numbers on four levels of analysis. It is then up to you to decide how to adjust your marketing to reach the greatest amount of your target audience. (

  • Number of Visits
  • Number of Individual Page Visits
  • Events (video views, clicks, etc)
  • Actions Taken by Users

Google Analytics Teaches

Improving Your Website

Once you have determined user behavior on your site, you are ready to begin improvements on your site. Learning which pages are difficult to maneuver can make it a smoother experience for your visitors. One of the simplest ways to entice more traffic to your site is to determine which page gets the most attention. What is it about that page that attracts visitors? Once you know, you can add more of that content that seems to resonate with users. (

Improving Your Website

Google Analytics is a helpful tool for anyone looking to improve and strengthen their website. By learning as much as possible about your users, you can cater to them and reach many more. Knowing what each user’s interests and personal information is will help you understand how to give them the content they want.

Learn all that you can about your users so that you may improve your website. With the help of Google Analytics and other services, your website will continue to draw visits with its enticing content and expert marketing.

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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

Now, more than ever, people need the ability to share information easily and safely from anywhere. WordPress is a space made for creative individuals:

  • Bloggers
  • Web designers 
  • Business Owners

Anyone who wants to generate and disperse their content onto the web will benefit from the services that WordPress offers!

Understanding WordPress

  • Free version vs. Paid Subscription
  • “.com” vs. “.org”
  • Level of user friendliness

WordPress is a website-building tool. And before you log onto their website to start your next project, you should know the difference between the two types of WordPress. Yes, the service you’ll find on is not actually identical to the service. has a free version that offers limited options. Basically, the more you pay for your version, the more options available to you., on the other hand, is truly free and it is easier to make money from ads on this version. (

How can WordPress Help You?

Popular websites come and go. But imagine if you had spent, say, the past five years curating a collection and gaining a followership of your writing. Then the website you had been posting blogs through was shut down. Where did all of your content go? If you are the owner of said content, shouldn’t you be in possession of it? Why does that website have so much power over your own personal creation? Safety and freedom to use WordPress however you need are the ideals that make WordPress all about the user. (


  • Freedom
    • With WordPress you can find at your fingertips the tools for creating portals of open communication, blogs, websites, and even tools for developers.
  • Safety
    • Safety is one of the main pillars of WordPress’ creation. That is why nearly 40% of what you see on the web was designed using WordPress. 



What can WordPress do?

  • E-learning websites
  • Personal Websites and Blogs
  • Online communities for sharing business content

With WordPress you can build virtually any website with ease. You make it, you share it, you publish it to the web, and anything else you can think of. Beyond blogs and personal websites made for promoting events or businesses, WordPress is a tool for creating online learning platforms. E-learning and membership websites are ever-growing in popularity in a world where less and less communication happens face-to-face. WordPress is user-friendly. This means that you do not need to have a computer programming background to use it. It allows anyone who wants to download it—for free—to create content that can, with one click of the button, be live on the worldwide web. (

WordPress is an extraordinarily widely used tool. It is also quite user-friendly and positively reviewed by consumers. If you’ve ever wondered if you are capable of making our own website, you probably know by now that it is possible with WordPress!

By now you have a better grip on how WordPress can work for you and your website needs. Don’t hesitate to see what Strive DMS has to offer by going to our Services Page at or call 801-477-0642 for a free SEO website assessment. Don’t let your website miss out on crucial exposure!

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Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve done any research at all on building a website, you’ve likely come across the term a dozen times already. Search Engine Optimization—SEO—is crucial to website success because people use search engines to find virtually everything they need on the web. In this article we will discuss the three aspects of search engine optimization that will set your website on course for a good ranking among competitors.

Three goals of an SEO-centered website are:

·  More traffic

· Free traffic

· Authority and reputation in your field

traffic sources overview

More Website Traffic

You will learn as you research how to make your site more SEO-concentrated that your website must contain the right type of content to give it the best possible visibility in search engine results. When you know your target audience, you can gear your web content toward drawing them in. How often do you go to the second page of a Google search? ‘Seldom’ is probably an accurate answer. We are all searching for a site that best suits our search. So, it behooves you to fill your site with rich content that is full of engaging keywords and links. (

Free Website Traffic

Anytime you pay for an ad that draws in potential customers, you are spending your valuable resources. Knowing how to create an SEO-centered site is an effective way to get what is called “organic traffic.” That’s what free traffic is called. Organic traffic is the reward for good search engine optimization. When you type something into a search engine, the results are very finely curated through an algorithm. Some key factors include the user, website features, keyword usage, and links within the site. Filling your website with rich content filled with keywords is a great way to spruce up an old website that has a low ranking in search engines. Or if you’re starting a new website, start by knowing which content—key phrases and words—will best draw in readers. (


Authority and Reputation

Trust is a big part of creating an SEO-minded site. Customers do not want to enter their credit card number or other personal information into a site that seems poorly-run. Broken links, misspelled words, and outdated information are all red flags to customers. Aim for the type of reputation that search engines will be willing to promote. And being considered an authority in your field because of that reputation you have maintained over time will improve your ranking all the more. (

These three goals represent an excellent foundation for creating and preparing a website for success. Knowledge of your brand will flow out of every key phrase and word that fills your content. Those phrases will become synonymous with the values and integrity of your company. Strive Digital Marketing Services ( offers a wealth of knowledge and a free SEO assessment for your site. Contact them today at 801-477-0642 to get started.

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