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Three Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Three Benefits of Social Media Marketing

What’s the first app you open on your phone when you get a spare moment? Maybe it is a reflexive action that you do dozens of times a day without even realizing you’re doing it. Before you know it, half an hour has gone by and you’ve interacted with ten people, purchased a new-fangled gadget, and responded to a party invitation. It’s your social media app. Companies want to get their names onto your news feed because they know how often you check it each day.

Search Engine Optimization

Social media marketing offers:

1. Instant gratification. You will be able to follow your progress in real time to monitor the views, clicks, and visits to your site with social media marketing.

2. More traffic to your website. While you may not have a more SEO-friendly site without hiring an SEO assessment and reaching out for certain tools, you will find that when people use a search engine to find a service or product, they will have your site and your social media pages in front of them as options. More opportunities to click will lead to more website visits.

3. An easy way to sell your product or service. Shopping straight from social media links is a rapidly-growing trend that is here to stay. Scrolling through Instagram, people see something that interests them. They click and are taken to your social media page, your website, and within 2 clicks have found a way to instantly purchase your product or service. (

Get a Brand Boost

If your brand has a good, eye-catching design and color scheme you are already ahead of the curve. But putting that image out on social media enough to catch the eye of users–multiple times a day–will be invaluable to boosting your brand recognition. The second part to the brand boost opportunity is the fact that comments are allowed on social media. People can comment with their experiences or questions and you can respond back to them immediately. Many people scroll through all the comments before trying a company to see if there is good or bad buzz on a product or service. Imagine the opportunity to show the attention to detail, customer service, and accessibility of your brand! (

Tell People About Your Brand Easily and Quickly

It can take as many as eight times seeing a brand for someone to consider trying it. That is one reason social media is taking the marketing world by storm. Not only are people seeing your brand often, but you can easily gear your social media page to draw in your desired audience. What content does your target audience want to see? How can you get them to recognize and take interest in your brand quickly and with ease? Social media marketing is the way! (

Social media marketing is popular because it is effective, fast, easy, and affordable. Because our world is so connected by social media, we can see our companies become intertwined in the lives of internet users almost in real time. The comments, tags, reviews, and likes that your brand receives by the minute will help you to change and adapt to the needs and wants of your customers and clients.

Get started today by taking your marketing strategy to the next level. Utilize social media to all of its full potential. You will see its merit in no time. And don’t forget to visit or call 801-477-0642 for more information and your FREE Search Engine Optimization Assessment.